Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas

So, if some of you are like me, procrastination is an alluring paramour - my illicit soro-sister of laziness. However, if you've taken away the keys and kicked procrastination out of your life - good for you Mr and Mrs. Perfect. Perhaps you might be able to share these last minute Stocking Stuffing Ideas.

This year, I streamlined my stocking-stuffing packaging. My muse was the +Dollar Tree where (items are $1.00 or less).
So, here are just a few ways I presented my gift-exchanges this year.

I think these cardboard containers may have come in more than two colors but I wanted to keep this year's color scheme focused on gold and red.

Just drop in a cute mini (8.4oz) bottle of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider & you're done! A perfect fit.

Whether it's +Bed Bath & Beyond, Bath & BodyWorks, or your own homemade body scrubs, just drop 'em in.

This was the concept for my ornament gift during an annual Tea & Ornament Gift Exchange, hosted by one my best friends. It's so darn simple: Perfect for when you're in a gift-giving pinch.

Just securely tape the string to the inside top.
When my gift was chosen, it received "ewwws" and "ahhhs" as the top was slowly lifted.

Please Share.
Happy Holidays

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