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Orange Isn't Just For Pumpkins: Sole Comfort

Brighten Up Your Day With A Block of Color and Comfort

Whether you're in the mood for Prada, Manolo-Blahnik, Tory Burch or Chanels, it's important to consider comfort and function over sole-fashion. 
Consider these non-traditional flat and low-heeled shoes. 

Your "dogs" will thank you.

5 of My Favorite Celebrity Mommy Bloggers

Far too often the media presents images of well-known celebs donned in a manner that is most unrealistic. It appears that many female celebs exhibit a focused intent to become pop icons. This is primarily accomplished via various visual media, which are well orchestrated by a traditional team of "handlers." Other images often appear accidental - minus the makeup and perfectly coiffed hair (trademark Paparazzi).

Descending From The Ivory Towers
However, I was most excited and encouraged when I came across of group of celebrity moms who are becoming more organically accessible to their soro-sisters of middle America.

The ivory tower stigma is thankfully being diminished with the use of blogs. 
Thankfully some celebrity moms are beginning to share universal issues associated with experiencing fatigue, hypersensitivity, depression, or irritability. These celebrity moms also normalize segments of their lifestyles by highlighting the pleasures of crafting, bargain shopping, breast feeding, recipe tips, and dealing with the unrelenting temper tantrums of a toddler.

Gwenyth Paltrow's Blog "Goop" http://goop.com/

Brooke Burke's Blog "Modern Mom" http://www.modernmom.com/

Alanis Morissette's Blog "Mommalogues" http://mommalogues.sheknows.com/

Jenna Von Oy "The Cradle Chronicles" http://mommalogues.sheknows.com/

Tori Spelling's Blog "ediTORIal" http://torispelling.com/

How To Have Perfect Holiday Lips - In Any Shade

Ladies, every wonder how Celebs like Kelly Rowland, Anne Hathaway or Kim K manage to maintain the perfect red lip?

Well, no matter your skin tone or lipstick shade, you too can pull off the "perfect celeb lip."

Happy Holidays Private Practitioners!

Here are 9 Cozy Knits for the Moms Who Also Need Their Blankies

Did you know that Private Practice Moms have their favorite blankies? Oh yes. They come in various forms of loosely woven fabrics. 

It can be as simple as a butter soft pair of socks, a cowl scarf or a childish pair of mittens. But the all-time favorite is a a knit dress or better yet, a sweater - nothing beats it. Lets try some on for size.

Cacharel: Photog (Pamela Berkovic)

This Moon Young Hee loose knit sweater can serve multiple purposes for numerous occasions. Perfect during sessions with clients, taking the kids to play-dates or soccer practice, as well as, a date-night accessory.
Moon Young Hee

Of the many things I love about designer Tracy Reese, one is that the consistent philosophy of her clothes mirror my attitude. I appreciate how she gives women permission to dare to mix mediums. No one has to know that the same mohair sweater worn at night (with a full-length skirt), was part of your private practice day-time attire. Thank You Tracy.
Tracy Reese Design

Here's a neutral traditional cable knit wrap (Designer Shui Kuen Kozinski) that can function in various settings. When not in use or out of season, it can be draped across the chair in your private practice . 

Who ever heard of wearing two sweaters without it looking extremely bulky? Cathy Carron illustrates the strategy quite well. Consider a Cathy Carron creation when you need an extra layer.
Cathy Carron's Creme de la Creme

This sweater designed by Jordana Paige seems to be the perfect silhouette for women with long necks.

Designer Jordana Paige

Whether it's just before a chilly early morning meeting or during a late night, finishing paperwork, there's no resisting this Melanie Porter Sweater Egg Chair. It just might be the most popular decor feature in your private practice office.
Designer Melanie Porter

The bloggers at PurlBee.com constantly remind me that a 5 degree windchill factor is just a blip on a meteorologist's radar screen when you combine function with fashion.


  1. Ooooh, so love that Jordana Paige sweater! Inspired!

  2. Tamara,

    I agree. I admire the Jordana Paige sweater for the classy silhouette. It's a timeless piece.

    Glad you're inspired.

  3. Also,

    Here's a link to Jordana Paige's website http://www.jordanapaige.com/


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