1st Impressions: Your Waiting Room

Because the waiting room is an integral ingredient for how our clients transition into our private practice offices, this entire week will be dedicated to a specific series of posts.

You can look forward to a 3-part series of various ninja tips on how you might boost your waiting room intelligent quotient. Yep, that's right – your waiting room IQ. No – there will NOT be a quiz at the end.

The goal of this week's 3-part series is to provide elements of décor inspirations that will not only create a smooth visual and stress-free transition for your clients but also reinforce a sense of safety and comfort.

Hopefully however, this week's series will serve as a muse for you to incorporate client-comfort seating strategies that will appeal to your desired demographic and niche.
Take your client from potentially feeling like just a number, to someone special.

Remember it's about taking your private practice to the next level.

Continue to practice with style,


  1. Hi Brigitte!

    This looks like a great idea. I think that the waiting area is a vastly overlooked important piece of the puzzle. Thanks for your tips!

  2. Stephen,

    I agree that the waiting room is a "vastly overlooked" component for a client's smooth transition to a one:one visit with his/her designated professional.

    You can definitely look forward to more article-posts on this very subject.

    Stay Tuned,
    Brigitte Travis-Griffin


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